Afeia B.

First of all, I did an extraction in September. I was in so much pain. I tried calling several dental offices in Brooklyn. I was not able to get any appointment. That was until, my husband called Dr. Jamali’s office. When I say, top notch courtesy I mean it....


In 2012 I found my way to Dr. Jamali with an inflamed wisdom tooth and troubled molars in tow. The inflamed wisdom tooth needed to go, it went that same day. One molar gave out after about a year, the other a year or so after that. And then in May of 2021, I split a...

Pedro A

Despite requiring me to commute into NYC from Suburban New Jersey, being in the care of Dr. Jamali is well worth the trip. His gentle and skilled hands are only exceeded by his caliber of knowledge and expertise.


I had a surgery with Dr. Jamali to remove the exostosis around my upper teeth. The surgery result is pretty good. During the recovery, my did not feel much pain. Thanks for Dr Jamli’s professional skills!

Whitney C

Great, easy experience! Everyone from the doctor to the reception staff were extremely friendly and answered all of my questions.