Sliding Genioplasty

What Is A Sliding Genioplasty?


A sliding genioplasty is a less-invasive surgical procedure designed to correct a retrusive or misaligned chin and achieve a more aesthetically pleasing facial appearance. . Most surgeons will recommend chin implants before a sliding genioplasty, however, Dr. Jamali highly disagrees that implants are an easier solution. There are certain risks with the placement of implants, which include nerve damage, movement of the implant, scarring, and bone resorption. Large implants result in an unnatural look. Different from other types of chin augmentation, the sliding genioplasty procedure involves making a cut (osteotomy) through the chin bone. By freeing up the malposition bone, Dr. Jamali can reposition the area to an ideal orientation. Typically, only 2 screws are placed to secure the chin. This simple procedure can dramatically improve the balance, proportion, and harmony of facial features. The restored alignment of the forehead, mouth, nose, and chin will be long-lasting.



How Do You Prepare For A Sliding Genioplasty?

​Many of our patients are from out of town. You can contact our office at or sent us a note from our website to set up a consultation via SKYPE with Dr. Jamali first. A clinical evaluation is a must. During the in-office consultation, X- rays are obtained. Dr. Jamali will then review the X-rays and offer you his advice regarding different options. Dr. Jamali will determine if the patient is a good match for the sliding genioplasty The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Therefore, you should not have anything to eat or drink 8 hours prior to surgery. You must have an escort to take you home after surgery is done. If it is difficult for you to arrange for someone to take you home, please let us know.

Why Is A Sliding Genioplasty Performed?

Patients who have a chin that is out of proportion with the rest of their facial features may make an excellent candidate for a sliding genioplasty. Patients undergoing a rhinoplasty may be recommended to consider a chin Augmentation to give the area an appropriate relation to the nose. A gliding genioplasty can also provide assistance to patients dealing with a birth defect or damage to the chin through trauma.

Non smokers with overall good health will make the ideal candidates for a sliding Genioplasty. Patients should have realistic expectations and aesthetic goals. Depending on each individual’s anatomy, there are limits on what the surgery can and cannot achieve.

What Can You Expect During A Sliding Genioplasty?

Dr. Jamali’s sliding genioplasty is an outpatient procedure, performed either in his in-office accredited surgical suite or at the nearby day surgery center. The surgery will take only 1 hour to complete. All patients receive general anesthesia and observed at all times by a board certified anesthesiologist. Dr. Jamali will begin the procedure by making an incision inside of the mouth on the inner portion of the lower lip, directly in front of the gum line. Once the skin and tissue have been raised aside, he will cut the chin area away from the jawbone. Next, Dr. Jamali meticulously repositions the bone, creating the desired shape and size required for the individual patient. Utilizing the innovative titanium plate and screws, Dr. Jamali permanently secures the bone in place. Over time, new bone will naturally form around this area. The incision is then closed with dissolvable sutures.

What Is The Followup And Recovery Like For A Sliding Genioplasty?

The recovery period after a sliding genioplasty is NO longer than chin implant placement. Expect the recovery to take between two and three weeks. Normally, patients are able to return to work seven to ten days after surgery.

Initially, patients should expect to see some bit of swelling and bruising of the jaw. This will gradually reduce on its own over the first few weeks. There may also be tenderness and mild discomfort. Dr. Jamali will prescribe the appropriate pain medications to allow patients to rest comfortably at home. The chin area will be covered with a surgical dressing when patients are first discharged. Over the first few days, patients may find they only have a limited ability to chew, requiring a liquid or soft food diet. As the chin heals, a normal diet can be resumed. Two weeks after the surgery, patients can add light exercise to their daily schedule, but extensive exercise and strenuous lifting should be postponed for four to six weeks

Sliding genioplasty procedure at Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of New York are considered extremely safe and efficient. This is a simple procedure. Common complications are swelling and numbness of the lip and chin for 1-2 weeks. The best way to avoid any complications will be to choose an experienced, reputable cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Jamali, who is widely considered one of the best sliding genioplasty surgeons in the country.

What Are The Potential Costs?

Price varies by type of genioplasty. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

What Are The Potential Risks?

Chin surgery, if done by an experienced surgeon, can have minimum risks. The main risk that can occur with any type of chin augmentation is numbness to the lower lip and chin. Thankfully, in our practice, this is extremely rare.

Are There Other Related Treatments To A Sliding Genioplasty?

Occasionally, patients require jaw advancement as well but choose to have chin surgery done alone. This can be discussed in detail during your consultation.

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