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5.0 Google

Review from Pedro A

Source: Google | Nov 19, 2021

Despite requiring me to commute into NYC from Suburban New Jersey, being in the care of Dr. Jamali is well worth the trip. His gentle and skilled hands are only exceeded by his caliber of knowledge and expertise.
5.0 Healthgrades

Review from Anonymous

Source: Healthgrades | Oct 8, 2021

I had a surgery with Dr. Jamali to remove the exostosis around my upper teeth. The surgery result is pretty good. During the recovery, my did not feel much pain. Thanks for Dr Jamli's professional skills!
5.0 Google

Review from Whitney C

Source: Google | Sep 7, 2021

Great, easy experience! Everyone from the doctor to the reception staff were extremely friendly and answered all of my questions.
5.0 Google

Review from Katie A

Source: Google | Aug 21, 2021

I am so grateful to the entire team at Dr. Jamali's office! Nina at the front desk was so warm, helpful, and kind, both during my visits, as well as during our conversations on the phone. I was anxious about surgery, but Nina's kindness really helped me feel calm. Dr. Jamali is friendly, straightforward, and skilled. He extracted all four of my wisdom teeth in under 45 minutes, and I have healed quite quickly, without any complications. Couldn't ask for a more lovely experience.
5.0 Healthgrades

Review from Sazara J

Source: Healthgrades | Aug 10, 2021

I am the Chief Director of SaTechRo. I only mention this to let readers know that I am an actual patient and not someone paid or made to write this recommendation. I had a very bad experience with another surgeon from a different practice/office a week before the procedure with Dr. Jamali. I researched Dr. Jamali and chose to make an appointment. This was the best decision ever. He explained everything about the procedure before the day of the procedure. Nina, a staff, member also made sure that I had everything that I needed. They have been so amazing. My recovery has been a blessing..accelerated recovery. I highly recommend them!
5.0 Healthgrades

Review from C.G.

Source: Healthgrades | Jun 22, 2021

Everyone at Dr Jamali's office is very nice, especially Nina at the front desk! They never made me wait to see the dr, were super prompt with following up about billing questions, and answered every concern I had about my wisdom tooth surgery (I was very nervous). Would definitely recommend!
5.0 Google

Review from Laurie D.

Source: Google | Apr 16, 2021

If you are looking into an oral surgeon do not walk to see Dr. Jamali please briskly RUN! I went in for the first time for an extraction and it was the holy trinity: immaculately clean, PAINLESS, and quick! Bedside manner on 1000% and the staff.... dedicated professionals that were warm and welcoming. I left with a HUGE smile & one wisdom tooth lighter! I am home recovering hours later and have yet to experience any pain! Again RUN to see Dr. Jamali, you won’t regret it 🙂 Thank you for the swift and gentle work Dr. Jamali, you are truly a master of your craft! 😁
5.0 Google

Review from Marie B.

Source: Google | Apr 8, 2021

Thoughtful, professional care
5.0 Google

Review from Rebecca F.

Source: Google | Apr 8, 2021

The staff was Extremely patient and understanding. Unlike any other staff I had encountered they constantly looked for ways to make the bone graft work and they didn’t give up on my case. They checked up on me post surgery even more than expected.
5.0 Google

Review from Suzanne L

Source: Google | Mar 30, 2021

I've visited Dr. Jamali's office a few times now for different reasons, and each visit was nothing short of an ideal experience. Nina in the front desk is kind, courteous, and very clearly knows how to create an efficient patient experience. Dr. Jamali is also very kind himself. Not only does he have a ton of experience and knowledge in his field, he was able to relay all of that back to me as a patient in a thorough and reassuring way. I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed in one visit here which made me quite nervous. But the process was so efficient and they made me very comfortable the entire time. They gave detailed after care instructions and I was actually really shocked at how easy the recovery was for me. It was completely painless and I was ready to go back to work shortly after. I can say with 100% certainty that I will be returning to Dr. Jamali and Nina for any of my needs in the future. The amount of consideration they gave for my individual situation and the quality of care that they provide is just unmatched.
5.0 Google

Review from Liana N

Source: Google | Mar 24, 2021

I had a Botox appointment with Dr. Jamali. He was patient and gentle. I barely felt a thing! My face looks natural and not overdone. Can’t wait to return! Doesn’t hurt that he was nice to look at!
5.0 Google

Review from Lita Beth W

Source: Google | Feb 27, 2021

Dr. Jamali took me on an emergency basis, and was very patient and thorough explaining what’s as going to happen during my procedure. He is terrific and so is his office staff. Top notch. I highly recommend him.
5.0 Google

Review from Joseph T

Source: Google | Feb 9, 2021

What can I say!!! Amazing impeccable service. Dr Jamali & Dr kreesten were amazing and so great, made me feel at ease while helping remove my four wisdom teeth. Hands down best dentists in Manhattan. Nina the receptionist was so amazing as well in providing guidance and listening to me while I was very nervous.
5.0 Google

Review from Doris S

Source: Google | Jan 28, 2021

Was able to secure an appointment on the first call that met my time sensitive needs. Pleasant office experience. Expeditious service. Nice follow up.
5.0 Google

Review from Sam J

Source: Google | Jan 16, 2021

Wisdom teeth removed. Super quick procedure and great doctor. Would highly recommend.
5.0 Google

Review from Tony P

Source: Google | Dec 23, 2020

Amazing staff. Let me start with Nina. Extremely informative and polite. I had my wisdom teeth extracted and the level of help she provided was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend her. Next Pam amazing individual. Extremely informative and helpful. Walked me through the procedure when having my wisdom teeth extracted. I would highly recommend this dentist office.
5.0 Google

Review from Angel W

Source: Google | Dec 15, 2020

I was able to get an appointment 1hr after I called. It felt like a Christmas miracle because I was willing to pull my own tooth out at that point. Nina was very informative on the cost of the procedures as we were paying out of pocket. Once we got there, Pam took excellent care of me. Dr. Jamali was super nice even though I changed my mind about the anaesthesia last minute. It was also wondering to hear from Dr. jamali that evening when he checked up on me. The whole process was very quick and transparent. Definitely go there if you can!
5.0 Google

Review from Yatong Ge

Source: Google | Dec 7, 2020

Highly recommend Dr. Jamali for wisdom tooth removal surgery! I had a horizontal impacted wisdom tooth which caused me a lot of trouble and the tooth was not erupted through the gum. I decided to do partial anesthesia and was pretty nervous before the surgery. Dr. Jamali made sure that I am ok and did not feel anything before he started the actual surgery process. I think he did a really good job as I felt no pain during the surgery, though a little bit pain/swelling in first three days, but then everything back to normal after 3 days. Also, I had some concerns the 2nd day after the surgery (it was a Saturday) so I called Dr. Jamali and he responded quickly and solved my concerns. Nina is also quick and efficient in booking my appointments, answering all my questions as well as processing the refund after my insurance sent the claims. Overall I feel that they are very experienced/professional and I am always cared for throughout the process.
4.0 Google

Review from Diana V

Source: Google | Nov 25, 2020

Kind and understanding doctor, pleasant staff
5.0 Google

Review from Jane P

Source: Google | Nov 16, 2020

This Dr is exceptional. I was very nervous about putting my son under to have 4 Wisdom teeth extracted. I flew him home from Florida to have the procedure done and Dr. Jamali was recommended. He was extremely attentive and reassuring. The procedure was scheduled quickly and everything was thoroughly explained - follow up medication called in ahead of time. He gave me his cell number in the event anything arose over the weekend. The procedure was quick, as was the recovery, hardly any swelling and the pain meds were only taken the first two days. I’m so relieved we won’t have problems with wisdom teeth down the road. I cannot recommend Dr Jamali enough. His staff is also fantastic. Look no further this is the place to go.

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