Jaw Surgery Patient Testimonial

Jaw Surgery and Sliding Genioplasty to Fix Severe Underbite

Emma came to Dr. Jamali wanting a rounder face and chin, more feminine jawline, a more proportional face.

She had difficulty chewing her food properly due to the imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed and a posterior crossbite.

Diagnosis: Retrognathic maxilla, Prognathic mandible
Dental: Class III malocclusion, posterior crossbite, & teeth crowding
Face: Long lower facial height
Procedure: Maxillary and mandibular osteotomy, Sliding Genioplasty

Sliding Genioplasty Before and After Images

Before And After Sliding Genioplasty

The transcript for this patient testimonial is below:

My name is Emma. I actually started the jaw surgery process when I was 12. I had a palate expander and started orthodontic work and was told that following that I would need to have braces and a jaw surgery. I remember vividly the day that they showed me the video of what the surgery entailed and as a 12 year old that scared me a little bit and I chose to not go through the surgery, until the age of 24 I had made my mind up that I was ready to get double jaw surgery.

I actually found Dr. Jamali on Instagram. I was searching the Instagram, the hashtag jaw surgery, which led me to his page and I read a lot of the testimonials from other patients and they had mentioned that he was an artist. A lot of people referred to him as an artist and I had an appreciation for that considering it was my face and my appearance that was on the line as well as functionality.

The huge fear that I had was the pain. It was a very painless surgery actually. Getting my wisdom teeth out was more painful than this surgery.

I had surgery almost a year ago. It’ll be a year in a month. It’s honestly changed my life. It’s changed my confidence, it’s changed how I eat, it’s changed how I breathe and all for the better.

My experience as a patient was extremely positive. I loved coming to this office. I wasn’t just a patient here. I wasn’t just coming in and felt like I was just in the revolving door of patients for the day. Everyone here is very interested in me and how I was doing and the outcomes and what was going on with school and my job and things like that.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Jamali and his staff. I’ll miss them. Maybe I’ll come up with some dental things in the future that I can come back to visit them.

If you’re curious about this practice, just come in for a consultation and meet the team here because it’s a great group of people. They really care about you and Dr. Jamali will do everything he can to give you the results that you want and answer all of your questions.

I had an amazing recovery because of the community of people that have had jaw surgery. I finally felt like I wasn’t alone in sort of the anxiousness of waiting and there were so many people to talk to that can calm your nerves and give you some tips and tricks that make eating really easy and keep you comfortable and just things that will get you up in on your feet really quickly and you’ll be amazed at yourself and what your body’s capable of.

I’m like a jaw surgery poster child. I go around, I’m like, “You should have jaw surgery. You should have jaw surgery.”

The surgery will change your life. This surgery changed my life in such a positive way. The only regret I have is not doing it 14 years ago.