It isn’t always easy to look and feel as good as we’d like to. Living a healthy lifestyle, eating
right, and getting plenty of exercise are always important, but unfortunately these alone are
sometimes not enough to get you the results that you want. For people who are unable to trim
that extra fat through traditional means, Dr. Jamali at OMSOFNY offers EmbraceRF, an
advanced non-surgical technique that removes unwanted fat and leaves behind beautiful
results, without scars, sagging, or wrinkly skin. EmbraceRF combines two patented modern
technologies: FaceTite and Morpheus8

What is Facetite?

FaceTite is a new, non-surgical alternative to the surgical facelift. This procedure removes
excess fat and loose skin around the face and neck utilizing radio-frequency energy for a
minimally-invasive procedure. This provides a smoother, more youthful appearance, previously
only attainable through a facelift, without leaving behind scars.

What can you expect during FaceTite?

You will be placed under local anesthesia or IV sedation, meaning that you will be either
conscious but unable to feel anything that takes place during the procedure or in deep sleep. .
FaceTite is minimally invasive and patients will be able to go back home and return to regular
activities shortly following the procedure. In order to achieve the most desirable results possible,
patients will be told to wear a compression garment for a period of time after FaceTite is

Which areas does FaceTite treat?

FaceTite can be used to treat any part of the face or neck where wrinkles or saggy skin are
present. This includes features such as double chin, jowls, or any other deep wrinkles.

What are the advantages of FaceTite vs facelift?

A traditional facelift procedure involves making surgical incisions to remove wrinkles and loose
skin, which often causes scarring, swelling, and pain following surgery. FaceTite is a
minimally-invasive, less traumatic procedure which produces a natural-looking final result with
less scarring and an easier healing process.

How quickly can you expect to see results?

You should see results immediately following the procedure. Improvements in appearance will
be most noticeable after six months and the effect will last up to a year following your

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