Highly recommend Dr. Jamali for wisdom tooth removal surgery! I had a horizontal impacted wisdom tooth which caused me a lot of trouble and the tooth was not erupted through the gum. I decided to do partial anesthesia and was pretty nervous before the surgery. Dr. Jamali made sure that I am ok and did not feel anything before he started the actual surgery process. I think he did a really good job as I felt no pain during the surgery, though a little bit pain/swelling in first three days, but then everything back to normal after 3 days. Also, I had some concerns the 2nd day after the surgery (it was a Saturday) so I called Dr. Jamali and he responded quickly and solved my concerns. Nina is also quick and efficient in booking my appointments, answering all my questions as well as processing the refund after my insurance sent the claims. Overall I feel that they are very experienced/professional and I am always cared for throughout the process.