I’ve visited Dr. Jamali’s office a few times now for different reasons, and each visit was nothing short of an ideal experience. Nina in the front desk is kind, courteous, and very clearly knows how to create an efficient patient experience. Dr. Jamali is also very kind himself. Not only does he have a ton of experience and knowledge in his field, he was able to relay all of that back to me as a patient in a thorough and reassuring way.
I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed in one visit here which made me quite nervous. But the process was so efficient and they made me very comfortable the entire time. They gave detailed after care instructions and I was actually really shocked at how easy the recovery was for me. It was completely painless and I was ready to go back to work shortly after.
I can say with 100% certainty that I will be returning to Dr. Jamali and Nina for any of my needs in the future. The amount of consideration they gave for my individual situation and the quality of care that they provide is just unmatched.