In 2012 I found my way to Dr. Jamali with an inflamed wisdom tooth and troubled molars in tow. The inflamed wisdom tooth needed to go, it went that same day. One molar gave out after about a year, the other a year or so after that. And then in May of 2021, I split a molar clean in half. Not a thrilling experience, but not one that Dr. Jamali made me wait even a moment to take care of. So here I am, four extractions, two bone grafts, a sinus lift and three implants later with, I hope you will agree, a pretty good position from which to offer a review on Dr. Jamali and his surgical office. So, what would my opinion be? Simply put, Dr. Jamali and his staff are the very definition of skilled, courteous and considerate medical professionals. The practice is immaculate and calm. Great care is taken to explain what each procedure will entail, ensuring that you are well prepared. As a consequence, I have found each surgery to be as stress free as I could possibly imagine – or hope for. Not just stress free though. While working, Dr. Jamali pays close attention for any signs of discomfort. However, despite the fact my lower jaw is notoriously hard to anesthetize, on no occasion have I felt anything other than confidence. What is more, despite the not inconsequential nature of the various procedures I have undergone, I have experienced essentially no swelling and no post surgical discomfort of any sort either. Ever. If you need dental surgery, you have my sympathy. However, you also have my recommendation. Call Dr. Jamali, immediately. I unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jamali as a surgeon. He also happens to be a really nice person.