I had to get my wisdom teeth removed and I was super nervous. I had only heard horror stories of extreme pain and essentially being incapacitated for at least a week.

The experience with Dr. Jamali was spectacular from start to finish. Nina at reception is a wonderful first face to see at an oral surgeon. She was super helpful with booking and changing appointments and sharing information before the surgery.

Dr. Jamali himself was such a kind and attentive surgeon. I was put under for the procedure, which definitely helped.

When everything was done, I felt perfectly fine. I was lucid, texting with my spouse (who was next to me on the cab ride home).

I followed the post-op instructions, and I barely felt any pain.

I just went for my two-week check-up and everything is healing nicely.

I was so impressed by Dr. Jamal isn’t work, and the care I received from both him and from Nina.

Thank you both for making this experience such a good one!