I had been putting off getting all four of my (impacted) wisdom teeth removed for over 20 years due to anxiety from previous dental experiences. As my dentist said ” I had a good run” but it was time. I was recommended to see other surgeons but I didn’t feel very comfortable at their offices. I did my research and based on the high ZocDoc recommendations for Dr Jamali; I decided to book a consultation with him and knew right away he was my Surgeon. He was understanding and patient while answering all of my questions no matter how silly they were. I was still very much anxious all the way until the day of the procedure. I planned to be awake and in all honesty, It was not at all as painful or stress-inducing as others made it out to be. Dr Jamali and his assistant worked quickly and efficiently as I felt calm and relaxed the entire procedure. It was surprisingly the best dental experience I have ever had! The office checked in on me periodically during my recovery and in 2 weeks time, I was back to feeling great. I can’t praise enough how Dr Jamali and his staff are extremely professional and manifest outstanding customer service.