Having TMJ isn’t easy. It’s actually one of my most difficult things that I have ever endured in my life. If you have TMJ, you’ll know that all “TMJ Specialists” aren’t created equally. A lot of doctors claim to specialize in TMJD and boast a quick fix, when in reality, treating this jaw disorder is a lifelong commitment. These false “quick fix” promises can lead to a lot of unnecessary physical suffering (as well as financial).

When seeking out treatment, I was sold devices from numerous doctors that cost me thousands of dollars EACH and often made matters worse than better. One “doctor” who I will not even speak of ruined my jaw further with unnecessary treatments and manipulations of the joint, and it took me months to realize since I was vulnerable and in so much pain. Once I woke up out of my haze and was able to chose my own doctor, I found Dr. Jamali and I’m so glad that I did.

His approach is more hands-off for TMJD. He won’t push surgery or devices that you don’t need. He will look at your scans, assess your pain level, pain management tactics, and make his suggestion. He steers clear of the “one size fits all” treatment plan and that’s what I really like about him. He made me a bite plate to wear only at night and encouraged me to find an outlet for my stress like yoga, working out, etc. He didn’t push Botox injections on me either which I really appreciated.

If you have TMJD and are suffering, do everything you can to ensure your wellbeing – that includes taking CONTROL of your own treatment. I’m so happy I did, and I’m really happy I found Dr. Jamali. I’m very content with the quality of the mouthpiece/bite plate that he made for me. I’m happy to say that ever since combining usage of the mouthpiece with a lot of lifestyle changes, I’ve seen significant improvement over the years.